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Company Overview

SOFTNET BUSINESS SOLUTIONS - a division of Softnet Computer Services (PTY) Ltd – was formed in 2009 after identifying a gap in the office hardware supplies market. Brand loyal customers were becoming frustrated by their suppliers unnecessarily hiking pricing on the basis of upgradeable equipment, and so had to take it upon themselves to shop around the market in order to find the most cost effective and suitable product for their business. This ultimately led to buyers being annoyed with numerous sales reps down playing their competitors and taking up crucial time of these prospective clients. SOFTNET BUSINESS SOLUTIONS’s mission is to provide clients with a turnkey solution for these hardware purchases which can be brand specific according to the client’s preference. Furthermore, to provide comparative and informative, pricing and specifications of other brands within the specific product segment of the industry. SOFTNET BUSINESS SOLUTIONS will evaluate current operational expenditure and provide prospective clients with an overview of the brand best suited to the clients requirement whilst ensuring that the new equipment is saving on monthly expenditure.

Brand Overview

SOFTNET BUSINESS SOLUTIONS aims to eradicate the amount of time that is usually spent by clients on meeting with multiple suppliers. By utilizing the agreements with multiple importers, SOFTNET BUSINESS SOLUTIONS will negotiate the best pricing and service rates for clients while ensuring that no more than only the appropriate amount of time is spent on the decision making process. SOFTNET BUSINESS SOLUTIONS will offer the client a a number of options when presenting a solution.


SOFTNET BUSINESS SOLUTIONS offers a variety of services and where possible can offer up to 40% saving on existing company infrastructure. Evaluation on existing operational expenditure is done at no cost to clients unless it is to be used for a guideline for tender of multiple reviews.

Our services include and can be implemented on a national basis:

  • Evaluation of Current Expenditure
  • Desktop and Multi-functional Printing
  • Electronic Document Management
  • Video Conferencing
  • IP & Traditional Least Cost Routing
  • IP Telecommunications Hardware
  • Traditional Telecommunications Hardware
  • Voice Recording & Call Centre Applications
  • CCTV
  • Flat Screens
  • Smart (interactive) Boards
  • PC’s and Notebooks
  • Networking
  • Software Design and CRM Packages
  • Power


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